If you are the owner of a residential property in the municipality of Milan, UniMilano is your ideal tenant.

With us you will enter into a regular and registered rental contract, you will receive the payment of the rent on the agreed date and you will get rid of all those tasks related to the management of your apartment.

Our company guarantees you the optimization of your real estate income, making it certain, offering you the serenity of a minimum commitment, guaranteeing you economic and financial stability on the apartments with a bank guarantee enforceable on first request. All without commissions or additional costs.

Rent guaranteed over time

With UniMilano you enter into a single long-term lease agreement and eliminate the vacant months.

Zero thoughts

UniMilano renovates the property, activates the utilities, concludes the paperwork and takes care of maintenance.


  • Certain monthly income
  • Bank guarantee enforceable on first request
  • Tenants insured for rental risk and civil liability
  • Possibility to take advantage of the flat rate coupon at 10%
  • Zero commitment in the management of properties and tenants
  • Income received even in the empty months of the apartment
  • Lease agreements of flexible duration
  • Monitoring of buildings, to keep apartments and furnishings in good condition
  • Access to all ancillary services
  • You do not take care of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance


Guarantee and reliability

The rent is safe, punctual and paid directly by UniMilano, which offers a constant income for the entire duration of the contract and insures the property against any type of damage.


UniMilano is an operator specialized in the management of real estate units and complexes, guarantees the utmost seriousness and professionalism and takes care of the fulfillment of all bureaucratic and administrative obligations.

Tax benefits

Our company, being one of the entities provided for in the Italian Law Decree of March 20, 2014, n. 47, (Article 9, paragraph 2, already converted into law) has the possibility of stipulating free-rent and agreed-upon-rent contracts and grant the landlord, if a natural person, the benefit of accessing the dry coupon (10%).

Savings and stability

UniMilano is a long-term counterparty that maximizes profitability for the property. Eliminates vacancy, brokerage costs, losses for arrears and other charges related to management.

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Contact us


Via Vincenzo Civerchio, 3 – 20159 Milano


+39 02-87189301
+39 351-366 8762 (also on whatsapp)



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