For investors and real estate funds that manage residential structures or apartments in the municipality of Milan, UniMilano is the ideal partner.

We rent your properties directly in our name, whether these entire residential buildings or individual apartments and we take care of all the practical, economic and legal “problems” that may arise from a rental relationship.

For you Unimilano will be that certain anchor that will give stability to your real estate assets over time.

Certain income

Fee agreed with UniMilano before making the investment.

Significant capital gain

Constant increase in the medium to long term (5 - 10 years) of the value of real estate assets.

Low risk profile

Investments made with a high degree of value retention over time.


  • UniMilano is a long-term counterparty that maximizes profitability for the property
  • Eliminates vacancy, brokerage costs, losses for arrears and other charges related to management
  • The rent is safe, punctual and paid directly by UniMilano which offers a bank guarantee as an additional guarantee
  • With utmost seriousness and professionalism, UniMilano deals with the fulfillment of all bureaucratic and administrative obligations

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Contact us


Via Vincenzo Civerchio, 3 – 20159 Milano


+39 02-87189301
+39 351-366 8762 (also on whatsapp)


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