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If you own a property for residential use in the municipality of Milan, UniMilano is your ideal tenant. With us, you stipulate a regular and registered lease, receive rent payment on the agreed upon date and free yourself of all the tasks related to the management of your apartment.

Our company guarantees the optimization of your property income, making it certain, offering you the serenity of minimum commitment, providing you with a bank guarantee upon first demand, and establishing the economic and financial stability of the apartments.

All without commissions or additional costs.


• Assured monthly income

• Monthly rent payment guaranteed by a strong company with a long history

• Bank guarantee available upon first demand

• Insured tenants for rental risk and civil liability

• Possibility to benefit from 10% flat-rate income tax

• Zero commitment in the management of properties and tenants

• Receive an income even during months when the apartment is empty

• Flexible lease duration

• Constant monitoring of properties, aimed at keeping apartments and furnishings well-maintained

• Ability to access all additional services

• Quick Intervention

Savings and stability

UniMilano is a long-term counterpart that maximizes profitability for the owner.

Eliminate vacancy, brokerage costs, losses due to late payment and other charges related to the lease.

Guaranty and reliability

Rent payment is secure, punctual and paid directly by UniMilano, which offers a constant income for the total duration of the contract and insures the property against any kind of damage.


UniMilano is an operator specialized in the management of individual units and real estate complexes, guaranteeing the utmost seriousness and professionalism by overseeing the fulfillment of all bureaucratic and administrative obligations.

Tax benefits

Our company, falling within the entities set forth in the Law Decree of March 20, 2014, No. 47, (Article 9, paragraph 2, already converted into law) has the possibility to stipulate contracts with a free rent and an agreed fee and to grant the landlord owner, if a physical person, the benefit of accessing the flat-rate income tax (10%).

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